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Quarter of a Million Dollar Black Diamond Nail Polish?! Seriously!??

Black diamonds are sexy. They are sparkly. And black diamonds are fascinating.

black diamond necklace
Earrings, necklace and rings featuring Black Diamonds by Eve J. Alfillé

However, until very recently they were only used in industrial applications – think high tech drill bits and other scientific & medical abrasive applications. Diamond suppliers & mining firms, like De Beers, could not imagine anyone would want to use them in jewelry.  Well, that has certainly changed. Black diamonds are alluring, mysterious and fun!  They work beautifully in jewelry, especially when paired with white hot platinum and palladium precious metals, and even white gold.  Look at the image below to see black diamonds beautifully set in Eve Alfillé’s exquisite jewelry designs.

But there is a new application of black diamonds that leaves many scratching their heads — Black Diamond nail polish.  Not black nail polish named Black Diamond, but black nail polish MADE from (oh, excuse me, “infused with”. . . ) black diamond powder, supposedly 267 carats of crushed black diamonds, available for a mere $250,000.!!

Hollywood, CA – Kelly Osbourne in her $250,000 manicure at the 2012 Emmy’s. What could be more beautiful than her forearm tattoos & black nail polish? Image ©EPA

So, who would wear such a thing, you ask. Well, Beyonce for one and heavy metal Rocker Ozzy Ozbourne’s daughter Kelly  sported the polish at the Emmy Awards this year.

Kelly, this is how one wears black diamonds & looks beautiful, a fantastic black diamond necklace by French-born jewelry designer Eve J. Alfillé!

Seriously, $250,000. for a manicure that wears off in a week or so, or you could walk down the red carpet wearing a fabulous necklace by artist Eve J. Alfillé with over 100 carats in black diamonds, sparkling in all their faceted glory in a charming pattern featuring large faceted black diamonds held between 2 smaller ones glittering brightly even in the low light of an intimate restaurant, for a mere $10,900!

Eve’s own Black Diamond design:

Design Series

“Jazz Age” Eve J Alfille’s New Jewelry Series

"Jazz Age" New Jewelry Series
“Jazz Age” New Jewelry Series

Welcome to Eve J Alfille Gallery & Studio’s new jewelry series, “Jazz Age”. Take a moment to explore the thoughts, inspirations and creations of the Artist’s Statement.

In French schools, the recent past is not taught: too fresh to be history, it may revive controversy. So my high school classes learned all about Versailles and the Baroque style, but nothing about Art Deco, or jazz. Though ‘The Jazz Age’ usually denotes a period in the late 1920’s, its great innovations in style extended long past the 1929 crash. The elegance of Art Deco, coupled with its practicality and relative simplicity, “suggesting better times”, still speaks to us today.

As a child, what had impressed me was the wild romanticism of Art Nouveau, the Paris Metro entrances, the soaring street lights with their sweeping curves. On the other hand, I had nothing but contempt for my parents’ 1940’s furniture, with their restrained, stylized curves, the symmetry and repetition of the little corner motifs, chevrons carved and inlaid in contrasting wood. A frisson ran down my spine recently when, in a 2012 auction catalog I spied those exact armchairs, an Art Deco exemplar, quoted for an extremely handsome sum! How I wish I

"Jazz Age" Featured Earrings and Necklace
“Jazz Age” Featured Earrings and Necklace

had them now!

We revere the elegance of this style: ever modern, it can be treated sumptuously with rare materials, like the inlaid Jean Dunand screen I almost bought in Switzerland in 1981, when we spent a couple of years in Geneva, and my mother-in-law’s diamond brooch. But it had also formed a background of our growing years in its more humble interpretations, the facades of the movie theaters in our small towns, the old Philco radios with the pleated wood cases, the streamline toasters of our early years.

I love the functionality, the stylishness: Art Deco is above all a way of seeing, it looks at the pure geometry of everyday objects, the sun, fountains, ocean liners, the pyramids, and translates them into flat decorative motifs that are at once restrained and joyous! For me, what inspired my current Jazz Age series is the particular duality of the style: how it makes room for both movement and repose, exuberance and severity, inspiration from current times and times past. What other decorative style can throw together speedy trains and ancient pyramids, maybe both in the same piece?

"Jazz Age" pendant
“Jazz Age” pendant

In this series, I have to remind myself to proceed past restraint: it’s permitted to be joyous, even with nothing but the black, white and gray diamonds and pearls! And no problem letting rubies in, just remember to color within the lines! So we will work from both ends, the pastels of moonstones, Ceylon sapphires and opals, and the glorious reds, oranges and yellows of jades, citrines, topaz and rubies. I design, hearing the jazz of Coltrane and Davis, the coolness and the splendor alternating. White gold and palladium for coolness, blush gold for delicacy, all are playing a role in my new Jazz Age series.

Design Series

The Black & White Diamond Collection

Everything becomes clear in black and white. There’s no  mistakes, no misinterpretations. Just purity and clarity.


Sparkles that are unique.

In the dark and in the light.

Diamond and Platinum Ring
Diamond and Platinum RingBlack and White Diamond NecklaceWhite Wavy Diamond Earrings
Diamonds and Platinum Pendant
Diamonds and Platinum Pendant
Diamond Ring set in 14k Green Gold
Diamond Ring set in 14k Green Gold
Diamond Ring Set in Palladium
Diamond Ring Set in Palladium
Diamonds and DrusyAgate Necklace
Diamonds and DrusyAgate Necklace
Black Diamonds and Drusy Agate Earrings
Black Diamonds and Drusy Agate Earrings