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“Maker & Muse: Early 20th Century Art Jewelry” Guided Private Tour

René Lalique, Chrystanthemum Pendant/Brooch, c. 1900. Collection of Richard H. Driehaus.

The Eve J. Alfillé Gallery & Studio and The Pearl Society cordially invite you to join us on a private, guided tour of the Driehaus Museum, a Gilded Age museum and historic mansion in the heart of Chicago’s River North neighborhood. The tour will feature an array of unique pearls and other gems in the new exhibit: Maker & Muse: Women and Early Twentieth Century Art Jewelry. The tour will be followed by a brief Q&A.

  • When: Sunday, March 8, 2015 at 10:30 am
  • Where: The Richard H. Driehaus Museum, 40 East Erie Street, Chicago

Reserve your place now as space is limited to only 15 lucky attendees! Call 847-869-7920 to pay by credit card, or stop by the Gallery to pay in person. Private tour cost is $21/person (non-refundable) which is required at the time you reserve your place.

Please make checks payable to Eve J. Alfillé Gallery.

Please note: We will meet at the museum at 10:30am. Parking is available for $14.00/car with museum validation at ROW Self-Park, 50 East Ohio, Chicago.

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Sep 22 | Microcosm: Preserving Our Ocean Habitat

Please join us on Sunday, September 22, 2013 from 3-5 pm to see some of the stunning images and learn more about the ocean environment that supports us all, and allows us to wear the softly glowing orbs we so love!  Get Directions

Award winning educator and marine biologist Michelle Hoffman
Award winning educator and marine biologist Michelle Hoffman

Oysters are delicate creatures. Situated midway on the ocean food chain, they depend heavily on the microscopic creatures that inhabit the ocean. Without this oceanic food supply they would be unable to produce the lustrous pearls we all admire. Michelle Hoffman, is an award-winning educator who holds advanced degrees in Marine Biology and law and is currently working on a film about this delicate, microscopic, ocean environment.

Call (847) 869-7920 to RSVP, or use the form below to submit online.

Microcosm is a ninety minute, high definition visual journey into the microscopic universe of the ocean. Within the microcosm dwells the foundation of life as we know it; it is the base of the oceanic food web, generator of the air we breathe, toxins that can poison our food supply, potential medicines that will save a loved one, and the fuels that might someday power your home. There is exquisite beauty and biological diversity in the microcosm that has captivated artists throughout the centuries and provided the foundation for coral reefs so large they can be seen from outer space. Through this film Michele hopes to underscore the artistry of the delicate creatures she calls “living snowflakes” and help people understand that these organisms represent the topsoil of the ocean.

About Michelle Hoffman: Ms. Hoffman began her love affair with the ocean at age five with the gift of a shell.  At sixteen, she took her first life-altering breath on scuba, and by twenty-three she was a fully hooked PADI instructor. Michele’s articles and photography have appeared in international publications including an underwater photo shoot for Playboy, and she has been recognized in several international photo competitions. Some of Michele’s favorite dive locations include Thailand, Ireland, Hawaii, Australia, Honduras, Bahamas, Puget Sound, and the Floridian caves. Currently Michele is an active contractor with Dive Into Your Imagination and a faculty member of Columbia College, School of the Art Institute, and Roosevelt University where she teaches a range of courses that span traditional ocean sciences to sustainability courses that encompass law, policy, and ethics. At the core of Michele’s teaching philosophy is the belief that there is an inner scientist in everyone. She resides in Chicago with husband Bob and young son Ryan (also avid ocean enthusiasts) who share in her research and travel adventures!

Readers may also wish to attend the Microcosm: An Evening of Art & Inquiry fundraising & education event at Columbia College of Chicago, October 17, 2013 from 6:00 to 9:00pm. More information is available on their website: www.microcosmfilm.com

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From the Cradle of Pearl Fishing: Middle Eastern Pearls

Pearl Society Presents Sunday August 4, 2013 from 3 -5 pm
Driving Directions | RSVP Online

Overhead view of the city of Dubai.
Overhead view of the city of Dubai.

Pearl Society member and world traveler, Emily Christian reports on her recent visit to the Persian Gulf tracking the history of the world’s most valuable natural pearls.

Ms. Christian is the second Pearl Society member to gain access to the relatively inaccessible Dubai Pearl Museum.  The Bank of Dubai, where it resides, which former speaker Heidi Bohn described, has changed ownership.   It now features a segregated section for women’s banking.  Come and hear the adventures of this intrepid traveler.

RSVP by calling (847) 869-7920 or by e-mail Eve at contact@evejewelry.com

Refreshments will be served.

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A pioneer of the American Freshwater Pearl: James Peach

Pearl Society presents: A pioneer of the American Freshwater Pearl:  James Peach

Sunday April 14th from 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Natural American Angel Wing pearl necklace
Natural American Angel Wing pearl necklace

Don’t let the easy Tennessee charm and genuine down home manner deceive you: James Peach means business, pearl business.  From mussels with names like pigtoe, washboard, ebony, heelsplitter, pistol grip, and the colorfully named  pimpleback, James has spent a life gathering the shells that will be milled into the nucleus at the heart of every marine cultured pearl.

His American Shell Company is a worldwide supplier of  U.S. mussel shell for nuclei, and his United States Pearl Company, now trading in every kind of pearl, is the specialist in cultured and natural American pearls.

Peach started his pearl farm in Tennessee in 1981, ending up in Big Sandy, a  large operation with a fishing resort, on a  TVA lease on Kentucky Lake.  Mussels that had been retrieved from murky river bottoms by divers were carefully pried open and nucleated, put in cages tied to floating PVC pipes until a pearl had time to grow around the nucleus.  This is not an easy business.  A few years ago, Peach closed the farm due to economic conditions.

But the shell business continues, and as the divers bring back their finds, occasionally a natural freshwater emerges.  Not in the great numbers of the storied Great Pearl Rush, but enough that attendees to this presentation will be able to see and handle, and perhaps acquire, a remarkable array of rare natural pearls brought especially to this Pearl Society meeting

James Peach is himself an avid collector of natural pearls.  He appreciates all types of pearls and feels, “the more pearls the better.  “And a greater supply of natural pearls will make the pearl world much more interesting!”

Join us in this rare appearance by a true pearl pioneer and a charming Southern gentleman.  For reservations,  please contact Diane at (847) 869-7920 or RSVP Online:

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Hands-On Pearl Design Workshop

Eve wearing one of her handmade pearl necklaces.
Eve wearing one of her handmade pearl necklaces.

Please join us on Sunday January 20, 2013 from 3 pm to 5 pm, for a special hands-on pearl design workshop.  Artist Eve J. Alfillé will instruct a group of 16 lucky participants who will work on a pearl (and gem) necklace or bracelet design right in our studio!

Participants may work with pearls and gems they already own, but wish to update, or may select from among the many strands Eve has in her coffers.

Attendance is limited to 16 participants, however, others are welcome to come and observe as special techniques will be shared about how to create jewelry with pearls and gems..

RSVP early if you wish to participate.  You’ll be asked to indicate the number in your party who plan to participate, and how many will be observing.  Call (847) 869-7920 and speak with Diane Alfillé, Pearl Society President and Spokesman.

Bring any pearls you own and would like to redesign, this may be the perfect opportunity to dress up what you already own, with a little help from Eve!