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Ringing in Super Bowl XLIX


Regardless of whether your team ultimately emerged as the victors or the losers in this year’s Super Bowl, it is still always easy to root for the team of diamonds, gold, and then more diamonds. I’m talking about this year’s eagerly-anticipated Super Bowl ring, which will undoubtedly be emerging in the near future in an array of Patriots-themed colors and designs. But if you simply cannot abide the anticipation of awaiting this ring’s announcement, why not click over to this amazing ‘listicle’ compiled by Buzzfeed, giving you a nice, close-up look at “Every Single Super Bowl Ring Ever?”


As this glittering compendum so brilliantly showscases, some trends in ring design seem to flow in a similar vein: many take pride in flaunting the number of Super Bowls won by the team question through massive, central diamonds. Some rings use marquise-cut diamonds shaped suspiciously like footballs, while some inventive creators have even replicated the shape of the Lombardi trophy out of diamonds and other precious devices. Though metals have varied, the amount of diamonds (seemingly the Super Bowl stone of choice) has only grown. While we eagerly await the unveiling of the newest ring for 2015, now is the perfect time to click away and find out what your favorite ring is for your favorite team…or maybe even that of a rival! Don’t worry, we won’t tell.