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Change an Old Recipe into Something New! Jewelry Transformations Jan 26, 27, 28

Plate of PearlsTransformations: January 26, 27, 28 

Food and Jewelry: the two most delectable things in life!

Come taste one of Eve’s favorite foods and take away a booklet of her special food recipes while she suggests transformations to make your old

jewels take a new place in your life. Eve’s creative insights will surprise you and allow you to recreate the old to make jewelry you can wear for breakfast with the family AND for dinner at Alinea!

“A recipe holds tradition and stories of years past. As time goes on, we sprinkle our own flavors and passions into the dough we knead.”

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Gallery Events

Transform Old Jewelry Into Something New

A caterpillar shows hints of what’s to come. The colors are tightly woven waiting for the right time. When that time comes, the patterns, the symmetry are perfect. It’s time to celebrate the hidden beauty of old jewelry by transforming it into something new! Bring in your loose gems and unloved jewelry to Eve’s for:

“Jewelry Make Over Days”!

March 10-11-12

Eve will meet with you one-on-one getting to know you, your lifestyle and tastes and she’ll begin to sketch a one-of-kind masterpiece that only Eve can create. She will transform your old piece into a beautiful new treasure. You’ll quickly discover why Eve is the ‘gem’ of hand-crafted fine jewelry.

Transform Lose Gems into Brilliant Earrings
Transform Lose Gems into Brilliant Earrings

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Gallery Events

Jewelry Make Over Days

Call to make your appointment today at Eve’s for “Jewelry Make Over Days” on July 22-23-24 and July 29-30-31.

Are you ready to take your unloved jewelry and create something all your own? Create a new necklace, bracelet, pendant, pin or ring with the gems from the unworn jewelry and watch Eve as she sketches your new Eve original. For two weekends only, don’t miss this fun event! Cold ice tea or a tall glass of wine served.

Eve pendant sketch
Eve pendant sketch
To This: AquaMarine Pendant
Final Result: AquaMarine Pendant
Gallery Events

Transform Your Old Jewelry and Gemstones

Grandmother’s wedding ring, an antique necklace, inherited bracelet, a forgotten pin, loose stones.

These are some of the wonderful jewels brought to Eve to be transformed into stunning works of art to be worn and enjoyed by you. Search through your jewelry boxes, drawers and secret hiding places and bring them to Eve next week.

Eve J Alfille
Eve J Alfille

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