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Change an Old Recipe into Something New! Jewelry Transformations Jan 26, 27, 28

Plate of PearlsTransformations: January 26, 27, 28 

Food and Jewelry: the two most delectable things in life!

Come taste one of Eve’s favorite foods and take away a booklet of her special food recipes while she suggests transformations to make your old

jewels take a new place in your life. Eve’s creative insights will surprise you and allow you to recreate the old to make jewelry you can wear for breakfast with the family AND for dinner at Alinea!

“A recipe holds tradition and stories of years past. As time goes on, we sprinkle our own flavors and passions into the dough we knead.”

Schedule your personal, one-on-one time with Eve now.

Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio

Final 2 Shopping Days

Eve makes it look easy.

Beautiful gems, glittering gold…shop online at or come into our store! 623 Grove Street in Evanston. We’ll personally help you to shop for the right present. Open until 6:00 p.m. tonight and tomorrow until 4:00!

Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio, jewelry

Play ‘Share the Fun’

Want something fun to share with an old friend?  Eve is going all out with the ’Share the Fun’  summer spectacular!

You both win with a new Eve original. Talk about your new purchase over lunch or on the phone! It’s your new reason to get together. Want to know the rules to play? Find out now.

Play Share the Fun
Play Share the Fun
Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio, jewelry

Mother’s Day – For All Mom Does

Woke up sick         

What should I take?

A bowl of soup

A blanket to cover

Just need to talk

Someone to understand

Be on my side

For just a minute

Picking up around the house



What’s under that bed?

The tasks of a Mom

are endless

Appreciated once a year

Make this a special Mother’s Day:

Get an Eve original for your one-of-a-kind Mom.


Exhibit Party. What a Sparkling Night Filled with Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry was the star of the night at the Exhibit Party at the Eve J. Alfille Studio & Gallery. Watch as guests share their wishes for Eve and for the future. What a beautiful night full of stunning rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings.