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“In Great Spirits:” A New Collection of Art Jewelry by Evanston Artist Eve J. Alfille

The new series will be revealed Saturday, November 4, 2017 from 1:00p.m – 7:00 p.m. at the Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio, with guests enjoying a “Bubbly Bar” and festive refreshments, a live music ensemble, raffle prizes, and Evanston-made art jewelry.


Evanston, IL – Raise your glass, it’s time to toast three decades of gorgeous fine art jewelry! Enjoy an intoxicating array of brand new designs from the series “In Great Spirits,” designed by Eve herself in anticipation of the 30th anniversary of the Eve J. Alfille Gallery & Studio. Come see what she’s been brewing, and join in the ‘spirit’ of the day!

A series which exists as a celebration in itself could obviously draw inspiration from many different avenues…in this series, Eve’s mind escaped the familiarity of downtown Evanston to wander the countryside. “I think of the harvest,” says Eve of her designs “…of fruit before it goes to the press, of the new wine, and of growing hops.” Such a robust palette of flavors will be expressed through a wearable cornucopia of “tourmalines, green sapphires, rubies, gold in warm tones, and lush pearls” sure to please even the choosiest sommelier.

“The Night They Invented Champagne” Earrings, copyright: Eve Alfille. Photo credit: Matt Arden.

Naturally, never satisfied to keep things at just face value, this delectable dessert of a series has a second layer of meaning hidden beneath its’ initial crust: “you can rage at the dying of the light, you can go off on the road less traveled by, but deep down, we are social animals, and derive warmth from celebrating together such things as the harvest, a wedding or a good death,” elaborates Eve, “so this series is a celebration of the human bond – a time when strife recedes, and when tolerance and good humor remind us we need each other.”

The opening celebration will feature a “Bubbly Bar” and other luxurious libations, mouthwatering morsels (including a visit from the famous Stan’s Donuts truck!) and the opportunity to win either a Chopping Block Gift Basket worth $200, or an Eve Alfille “In Great Spirits” necklace, no purchase necessary! Revelers will also enjoy a live classical ensemble, and will receive a 30th Anniversary Series charm with a purchase of $750 or more during the party! Join us in ‘popping the cork’ on November 4, 2017 from 1:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m. at the Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio. Please send RSVPs to either 847-869-7920 or contact@evejewelry.com. To learn more about Eve Alfille and see more of her works, visit www.evejewelry.com.

About Eve J. Alfille Gallery & Studio
French-born artist, archeologist and gem expert, Eve Alfille opened her Evanston, IL-based gallery and studio in 1987. The Eve J. Alfille Gallery & Studio creates one-of-a-kind, art-inspired jewelry hand-crafted at the Gallery. Eve is also the founder of The Pearl Society and an officer of the International Pearl Association.

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Undercurrents: Opening Celebration

The new series will be inaugurated on Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 1:00p.m – 7:00 p.m. at the Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio, with guests enjoying festive refreshments, live music, and Evanston-made art jewelry.

Never before have the depths of the sea seemed so close that you could take the purple line! That’s what local artist Eve Alfille’s newest series of fine art jewelry, “Undercurrents,” aims to do…Eve has taken creatures from the world beneath the waves, and has replaced their shimmering scales and colorful fronds with new bodies of gold, silver, and gems, only to release them anew at her gallery in Downtown Evanston.

“Ghost Fish” Necklace. Copyright: Eve Alfille. Photo Credit: Matt Arden.

These precious works of wearable art cover an expanse of ideas as diverse as the ocean itself…in one necklace, happy golden seahorses dangle beneath a suspiciously fish-shaped South Seas blister pearl, evoking the joy and life of living on a reef. Other pieces, however, tackle the issues which have formed between the ocean and us. “When you gaze at the ocean, the horizon seems limitless,” says Eve, “so of course you are going to feel that it is an infinitely expandable resource that needs no stewardship…with ‘Undercurrents,’ I think we have to admit that the ocean’s resource is not finite…there are not really ‘many fish in the sea,’ and we can no longer plead ignorance.”

“Undercurrents” will include an array of gems and motifs meant to give due credit to the many creatures therein who often resemble jewels themselves. According to Eve, this will mean: “obviously pearls, many, all kinds, even freshwater since all waters are ultimately connected. Oceanic hues, green seaweed, corals, bright gems adorning rockfish, moonstone-bearing jellies, diamond trails of bubbles, and opals in all their shades.”

Copyright: Eve Alfille. Photo Credit: Matt Arden.

The opening celebration will feature a specially-created jewelry raffle prize, Champagne and other libations, delicious treats, and live music provided by classical guitarist Sean McMahon. Join us when the series surfaces on May 6, 2017 from 1:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m. at the Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio. Please send RSVPs to either 847-869-7920 or contact@evejewelry.com. To learn more about Eve Alfillé and see more of her works, visit www.evejewelry.com.

Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio

A Glass of ‘Charity’ Sauvignon

Why simply browse jewelry when you can do it in style? Take your shopping experience to the next level by enjoying a fine glass of wine while you do it at the Evanston Charity Wine Walk, conveniently held right in Downtown Evanston!


Join us as we pair with the Chicago Dempster Merchants Association and Vinic Wine, who will be hosting a ‘locally-grown’ event on September 17 from 5pm to 8pm. More than 20 local businesses will be pouring tasty samplings of Chilean wine at this annual event to benefit local programs for people with disabilities. After all, charity looks good on everyone.

Each ticket purchased will also come with a marker for a botttle of wine from the wine walk to be redeemed at Vinic!

Eve and her talented staff can’t wait to help you select the perfect treasure, or even custom-create one that is uniquely your own, while enjoying an array of flavors from dry to sweet to spicy!


image1Wine Walkers could also win an intoxicating whiskey quartz, citrine, and garnet necklace, which will be proudly displayed in the front of the gallery up until the day of the Walk! Titled “A Bridge in Florence,” this piece was designed by Eve specifically for the event. With raffle tickets at only $5 apiece (CASH ONLY!!), the raffle will be ongoing until the day of the walk…All proceeds go to benefit both Wine Walk charities: JJ’s List and The Woman’s Club!

For more information, head on over to www.ShopEvanston.com or head right on over to to EventBrite to purchase tickets!

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Its Time for Jeopardy

Did you know that Eve is not the only famous Alfillé in her immediate family?

Jeopardy gameshow answer featuring Paul H. Alfille inventor of internet solitaire game Free Cell
Meet Paul Alfille at Eve J. Alfille Gallery & Studio on Sun June 23 from 3-5pm

Her first born, Paul Alfillé, invented something that most of you have heard of, and may even use on a regular basis.  In fact, Paul’s creation was the hint to a question on the game show Jeopardy a couple of years ago!

What did he invent, you ask? Why none other than the original computer game Freecell!   In fact, as you will see if you click this link to an interview with Paul about the game he invented, he wrote the program in the mid 1970’s while he was a pre-med student, well before there was an internet, on the University of Illinois Plato computer system. What precipitated this? His impatience with shuffling cards, prompting him to find a solution that would allow him to play solitaire without having to shuffle the deck manually!
Paul will be speaking Sunday June 23 from 3-5 pm about his time “Working in Antarctica” accompanied by a slideshow of the images which inspired Eve’s most recent design series release “Voyage to Antarctica.”

Gallery Events

“Voyage to Antarctica” Design Series opens May 4, 2013

Penguin's Plunge necklace
See how the sun’s light shines through the icy blue waters of the virgin continent.

Please join us on Saturday, May 4 from Noon to 6:00 pm for the Opening Exhibit event for Eve’s new series: “Voyage to Antarctica.”  The event will feature live classical guitar music performance by Sean McMahon, potent potables, sweet treats including our “Penguin Punch,” and other surprises!

Voyage to Antarctica?  After Paul Alfillé, my son, spent an austral summer in Antarctica, working with Weddell seals for medical research, his pictures revealed to me a universe of beauty and tragedy. The thought has been with me more than 20 years, and has inspired this special series: Voyage to Antarctica. -Eve J. Alfillé

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