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25th Anniversary Wrap Up

Thanks to you our 25th Anniversary party was a huge success.

Ribbon cutting photo from the 25th Anniversary Event at Eve J. Alfillé Gallery & Studio
L-R: Mayor Tisdahl, Rebecca Arden, Eve Alfillé, and Diane Alfillé

Guests were delighted to see all of Eve’s jewelry works arranged by design series, with her new “Déjà Vu” series pieces placed with the original design series they were based on.  We were absolutley elated to see guests sipping champagne from glass flutes as they walked around admiring and trying on Eve’s beautiful jewelry.  Several partygoers had fun competing in our three “Guess how many pearls are in the vase” contests.  Three (3) lucky winners took home a pair of one-of-a-kind removable drops for coming closest (one winner guessed the exact number!) without going over.

It was also exciting to see many pieces find new homes, including a fair number of new “Déjà Vu” pieces. (Worry not, there’s more where those came from!)  And all of the commemorative double-swan pendants, that form “25”, were given to customers who purchased a new treasure of $500 or more.

Did you see our spread of  Party Pix in Chicago Magazine’s October 2012 issue?
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A woman tries on a necklace from Eve's new design series at the 25th Anniversary Event
A party guest tries on a necklace from Eve’s new design series at the 25th Anniversary Event

If you were not able to make the party, please come in and see Eve’s new “Déjà Vu” jewelry works.  All Déjà Vu pieces are designated by a ribbon attached either to the piece or the display which indicate that it is part of the new series.  Take a minute while you’re here (or more) to look at the wall cases for the timeline display of Eve’s 50 design series created in the 25 years since she first opened the doors to her Gallery & Studio.

Eve is not only a jewelry designer, but also a poet (holding a Master’s degree in Linguistics & Medieval Poetry).  Each artist statement describes her inspiration and images of a few pieces from each unique series. Whether you have been collecting Eve’s works for many years, or only recently discovered her, this is an eye opening body of work.  Keep in mind Eve was designing and making jewelry for many years before the Gallery opened, working & selling from her home studio, art fairs, and Galleries around the country.

Guests at the party scoured the timeline to find the artist statements for pieces in their own collections. It was really fun to see what all our guests were wearing, many wore their own early Eve pieces to the party; some of which pre-dated the Gallery!

The stories we heard were wonderful.  One woman spoke of her first meeting with Eve when a favorite Aunt brought her to Eve’s home studio for the first time.  She had worked with Eve and her Aunt to create a special graduation gift and said it is a memory she will treasure forever.   She thinks of it and her Aunt each time she wears her necklace!

A huge, heartfelt “Thank you” to all of you for your continued support of Eve’s Gallery! We could not have achieved this without you!

Speaking of parties, please save the date: Saturday, December 1st, from noon-6pm for Eve’s Holiday Party to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research. 10% of direct sales at the party will go directly to Team Fox.

Diane Alfillé

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Collecting and Designing with Pearls

Buying & Collecting Pearls with jewelry designer Eve Alfille
2 lectures, 1 great weekend in Door County, WI with Eve Alfille

Eve J. Alfillé will be taking her show on the road to the Peninsula School of Art in Fish Creek, WI; offering both a workshop and lecture on Collecting and Working with Pearls.

Fish Creek is located in Wisconsin’s Door County area with plenty of accommodations and area attractions to make your trip an unforgettable one.  Visit the Peninsula School of Art’s search by instructor page for complete class information, pricing, registration and travel information; or call 920-868-3455.

Designing with Pearls (Course JE1215)
Date: Aug 3-4, 2012
Time: 9a – 4pm
Cost: $320 + materials for members, and $345 + materials for non-members (Supply List | Registration Form)

Concept: Always an elegant element in jewelry, pearls are surprisingly easy to incorporate into your work. Learn a wide variety of approaches to designing with pearls from Eve Alfillé, founder of the international Pearl Society. Eve will present two pearl project designs using both metal wire and sheet, followed by an opportunity to work on your own designs with her assistance. Learn the most contemporary of techniques, such as caged pearls, in addition to creating a non-traditional clasp and the basic technique of drilling pearls. Eve will also contrast her applications to those of other exotic pearl designers.

Experience: Eve begins the workshop with a presentation on the different types of pearls, their habitats, farming techniques, and economic facts as they affect jewelry designers. She will also bring advanced ideas for future projects. Eve will supply pearls for the workshop projects, with additional pearls available for purchase for later work. You should be confident with your fabrication skills to get the most benefit from this workshop.

Collecting and Buying Pearls (Course LE1210)
Date: Aug 4, 2012
Time: 1 – 5pm
Cost: $65 for members, $75 for non-members (Supply List | Registration Form)

Concept: Join Eve Alfillé, the founder of the international Pearl Society and passionate collector, for an in-depth look at the world of pearls and pearl jewelry. Learn of the pearl’s ancient history, their collection by flamboyant characters throughout time, as well as practical knowledge about determining pearl’s authenticity, their care, their worth, when to re-string, and redesigning contemporary jewelry from heirloom pieces. Examine and handle a sampling from Eve’s rare, varied collection gathered from throughout the world, including natural pearls, cultured pearls, faux pearls and simulated pearls. Explore past and present pearl fashions and learn how they are connected to pearl origins and occurrences. Discover new pearl colors, and other recent innovations in the industry brought forth from China and Viet Nam.

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Drop in for the Drop Party!

Drop Party! (Removable Drops for Earrings)

July 21, 2012 from 1:00p – 5:00p

Get Directions – What are Removable Drops for earrings?

Drop Party: Removable Drops for Earrings
RSVP online below or call (847) 869-7920

Artist & Designer Eve Alfillé will showcase a special collection of removable drops for this event

  • Customize your own drops using a selection of Eve’s precious gems and  3 different removable drop styles to dress up your Eve earrings and earwires.
  • Bring in a pair of your own gold or silver earrings and we will put Eve’s special hooks onto one pair of suitable earrings for free with the purchase of a pair of drops.
  • 1 pair of free hooks per person with new removable drop purchase. The special hooks will not work with costume jewelry or other non-precious metals.

(Notes: some earring designs do not allow for the addition of drops, so perhaps you can bring in a couple of pairs from which to choose. Also, stud earrings do not need special hooks, removable drops with a few links or a little chain at the top will work well with your stud earrings – like on diamond stud earrings – One Time Offer

Drop in and have fun!!