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Change an Old Recipe into Something New! Jewelry Transformations Jan 26, 27, 28

Plate of PearlsTransformations: January 26, 27, 28 

Food and Jewelry: the two most delectable things in life!

Come taste one of Eve’s favorite foods and take away a booklet of her special food recipes while she suggests transformations to make your old

jewels take a new place in your life. Eve’s creative insights will surprise you and allow you to recreate the old to make jewelry you can wear for breakfast with the family AND for dinner at Alinea!

“A recipe holds tradition and stories of years past. As time goes on, we sprinkle our own flavors and passions into the dough we knead.”

Schedule your personal, one-on-one time with Eve now.

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Miracle of Refracted Light: Pearls and Opals THIS SUNDAY 1/15/12

Sunday, January 15

3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Soft Rose Andean Opals
Soft Rose Andean Opals

Join us for the next meeting of The Pearl Society, and become an expert not only on pearls, but on boulder opals.

Robert Shapiro, a long time collector and specialist in opals more recently added Tahitian pearls to his interests and  inventory.  Each of these gems derives its sensuous appeal from refracted light: opals through their unique structure    retain water through which light circulates.

You will learn to distinguish the merely good from the exquisite, viewing actual opal samples and comparing their appeal to that of Robert’s lush Tahiti pearls, also on view that day.

If you are in the Chicago area, or can make arrangements to be here for the meeting, you are welcome to attend.

Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio

Eve J. Alfille Discusses Pearls from the 18th Century to Current at the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers

Evanston, Illinois based Eve J Alfille, founder of Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio and The Pearl Society presents, “Nobody Knows the Pearls I’ve Seen”.


Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio and The Pearl Society announced today that the company’s founder, Eve J. Alfille, will be a featured speaker at the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers on

Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Necklace on 14k white gold
Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Necklace on 14k white gold

Saturday, August 13, 2011.


The hands-on workshop provides valuable information to appraisers who are called upon to handle estate matters and identify pearls. “Since founding the Pearl Society, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and recognize a wide variety of pearls including the most difficult subjects, natural pearls,” said Eve J. Alfille owner of Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio, and founder of the Pearl Society. “It is critical for appraisers to know the characteristics of identifying pearls from the 18th century to current in order to properly provide an appraisal.”


Eve J. Alfille will be focusing on a wide variety of pearls including natural pearls, cultured pearls, faux pearls and simulated pearls to name a few. The workshop will also discuss pearl origins, colors and pearl innovations from new areas such as China and Viet Nam.

In April of this year, Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio unveiled their new gold alloy, Blush Gold.  Adding to her other gold alloy creation, Blonde Gold, Blush Gold was developed for her new Series, ‘First Light’.  “When I developed my first alloy 10 years ago, 14k Blonde Gold, it was perfect with more of the ‘off’ colors  or faint shades of gray and yellow. Diamonds, sapphires and other gems take on a very different appearance when set in either the shiny or brushed blonde gold.”

View the collection of pearls and new gold alloys at or visit her Evanston based gallery at 623 Grove St in Evanston, Illinois.