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Finding the Inspiration for 50+ original design series’

Q: Since opening the gallery in 1987, you’ve created over 50 original series.

How have you maintained your source for inspiration to create thousands of original pieces of jewelry?

Eve: I’ve learned to listen thoughtfully to my inspiration.  It is best described as a surge, a stream flowing through me. It is ongoing: wherever inspiration rests, and which vision speaks the loudest is the one I must pay attention to.  For me, there are three central themes where the vision and ideas evolve from… and into.

antiquities series necklace by eve j alfille
Antiquities Series Necklace

1. The Passage of Time. History with a capital H and history which is personal, with a small h.  This theme meditates upon symbols found in ancient times, and sometimes borrows proportions from classical, Medieval or Renaissance architecture.  The inspiration is a moment in time in (H)(h)istory.

Such are the series Antiquities (1990), Acanthus (1999), Asia (2003) and Signs of Civilization (2009), as well as earlier series such as Pompeii (1987), Age of Bronze (1988),
Aegypta Capta (1989), or Cuneiform (1999).

2. Nature. We live with nature and from nature. From the patterns in which leaves arrange themselves on a branch we learn something about symmetry and asymmetry. Memories are refracted through the frost on a windowpane, or in what is found under a withered leaf.

Tradewinds Series Earrings by Eve J. Alfille

Nature is expressed in the series Crown of Leaves (2001) , Eau de vie (2010), and Au fond des choses (2010) as well as Dragonfly Wing (1986), Monet’s Pond (1988), Les Floralies (1993), Orpheus Descending (1994), Marshes and Reeds (1995), Candide’s Garden (1998), Metamorphosis (1998), Trade Winds (2000), Stone Flower (2002), Les petits fruits (2003), Dans le sous bois (2004), Entomology 101 (2006) and Umbel and Corymb (2007).  Left: Tradewinds Series Earrings.

3. Dream. Inspired by surrealism, it’s the logic that you can find in dreams: a seemingly random juxtaposition of shapes or colors creates unexpected magic. Think of Magritte, think of De Chirico.. the composition suggests something more than the sum total of the whole.

The series that best reflects the dream theme,and reaches deepest into the subconscious, hands down, for me is No Forwarding Address (2005). Also Dancing under the Stars (2011), Objective Correlative (2008) and Sea of Sargasso (2006) and the earlier Flotsam and Jetsam (1984) .

Dream Series Pendant by Eve J Alfille
Dream Series Pendant

But we also dream lightly, perhaps as the night wanes, and those are the inspirations for such as the original Dream Series (1980), Faces of the Moon (1996), Clair de lune (2000), Lunar Garden (2001), Jet d’eau (2002), Etoile filante (2004), Ombre et lumiere (2005), Raining at Rosehill (2009), and First Light (2011)