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Aquamarine – the calming stone

by Ann Covode

For many centuries, oceanic energy was believed to be contained within the delicate semblance of Aquamarine. When amulets made of this precious gem were worn, sailors believed that unmatched bravery would be instilled in their souls, giving them the power to overcome even the most powerful storm. In these uncertain times, perhaps aquamarine can be a solace to your soul?

In the Middle Ages, aquamarine was one of the crystals most often used to create a ball for fortune telling. People back then also believed pairing an aquamarine with a diamond helped create a long happy marriage. They considered aquamarine to be a perfect gift for a wedding anniversary, thinking that it would bring more love into the relationship.

Aquamarine will be featured in Eve’s new series opening of May 2nd (tentative date).

Brazil was previously the world’s major supplier of Aquamarine; however, today, African nations, such as Nigeria and Madagascar, provide a greater supply of this gemstone. The blue color comes from the presence of ferrous iron.

Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family. Beryl is found throughout the world, but commercial gem-quality deposits are limited to a few major producers. Nearly all of the largest examples of gem beryls known are from Brazilian localities. In Asia, quanities of aquamarine come from Sri Lanka and from Kashmir in the north of India and Madras in the south. In the last twenty-five years Pakistan has also produced a number of aquamarines and morganites.

The Malagasy Republic of Africa produces a wide range of fine-quality beryls and some exceptionally dark-colored aquamarines. Nigeria has in recent years produced large quantities of aquamarines, found in numerous pegmatite veins. Most recently, Australia has produced aquamarine from Mount Surprise, in North Queensland.

Eve designed this stunning pale blue-green “Winter Solstice” necklace featuring smooth aquamarine ovals, rainforest aquamarine rondelles, rainforest aquamarine briolettes and labradorite discs. The 18 karat white gold chain beautifully brings all the elements together in this stunning necklace from Eve’s “A Winter’s Tale” series.

Eve’s “Winter’s Solstice” Necklace

All varieties of beryl (other than emerald) are subject to heat treatment. A number of green beryls will change color under mild heat treatment to an equivalent shade of blue and therefore become aquamarines. Another beryl variety is emerald, which often has many inclusions, wheras Aquamarine has a flawless crystal structure. Aquamarine forms in a hexagonal system, which forms bladed crystals with vertical striations.

The name Aquamarine translates as you might expect, aqua marina meaning water of the sea in Latin. Metaphysically, people believe that Aquamarine has a soothing and calming effect.

Eve designed this spectacular new Aquamarine ring featuring a center stone of 6.70 carats with a companion two side trillion shaped stones of 1.20tw. To complement its beauty there are 6 pretty white diamonds totaling 0.14tw.

Eve’s new Aquamarine Ring

This chunky aquamarine and 18 karat gold necklace is from Eve’s “Antiquities” series. The play with gold and aquamarine makes for a delightful combination.

Eve’s Aquamarine and 18 karat gold necklace

Red sky in the morning is a sailors warning, red sky at night is a sailor’s delight. Aquamarine for your loved one means smooth sailing!