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“Jazz Age” Eve J Alfille’s New Jewelry Series

"Jazz Age" New Jewelry Series
“Jazz Age” New Jewelry Series

Welcome to Eve J Alfille Gallery & Studio’s new jewelry series, “Jazz Age”. Take a moment to explore the thoughts, inspirations and creations of the Artist’s Statement.

In French schools, the recent past is not taught: too fresh to be history, it may revive controversy. So my high school classes learned all about Versailles and the Baroque style, but nothing about Art Deco, or jazz. Though ‘The Jazz Age’ usually denotes a period in the late 1920’s, its great innovations in style extended long past the 1929 crash. The elegance of Art Deco, coupled with its practicality and relative simplicity, “suggesting better times”, still speaks to us today.

As a child, what had impressed me was the wild romanticism of Art Nouveau, the Paris Metro entrances, the soaring street lights with their sweeping curves. On the other hand, I had nothing but contempt for my parents’ 1940’s furniture, with their restrained, stylized curves, the symmetry and repetition of the little corner motifs, chevrons carved and inlaid in contrasting wood. A frisson ran down my spine recently when, in a 2012 auction catalog I spied those exact armchairs, an Art Deco exemplar, quoted for an extremely handsome sum! How I wish I

"Jazz Age" Featured Earrings and Necklace
“Jazz Age” Featured Earrings and Necklace

had them now!

We revere the elegance of this style: ever modern, it can be treated sumptuously with rare materials, like the inlaid Jean Dunand screen I almost bought in Switzerland in 1981, when we spent a couple of years in Geneva, and my mother-in-law’s diamond brooch. But it had also formed a background of our growing years in its more humble interpretations, the facades of the movie theaters in our small towns, the old Philco radios with the pleated wood cases, the streamline toasters of our early years.

I love the functionality, the stylishness: Art Deco is above all a way of seeing, it looks at the pure geometry of everyday objects, the sun, fountains, ocean liners, the pyramids, and translates them into flat decorative motifs that are at once restrained and joyous! For me, what inspired my current Jazz Age series is the particular duality of the style: how it makes room for both movement and repose, exuberance and severity, inspiration from current times and times past. What other decorative style can throw together speedy trains and ancient pyramids, maybe both in the same piece?

"Jazz Age" pendant
“Jazz Age” pendant

In this series, I have to remind myself to proceed past restraint: it’s permitted to be joyous, even with nothing but the black, white and gray diamonds and pearls! And no problem letting rubies in, just remember to color within the lines! So we will work from both ends, the pastels of moonstones, Ceylon sapphires and opals, and the glorious reds, oranges and yellows of jades, citrines, topaz and rubies. I design, hearing the jazz of Coltrane and Davis, the coolness and the splendor alternating. White gold and palladium for coolness, blush gold for delicacy, all are playing a role in my new Jazz Age series.

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Final 2 Shopping Days

Eve makes it look easy.

Beautiful gems, glittering gold…shop online at or come into our store! 623 Grove Street in Evanston. We’ll personally help you to shop for the right present. Open until 6:00 p.m. tonight and tomorrow until 4:00!

Eve's Insight

Eve’s Holiday Choice: Earrings with Removable Drops

Eve J Alfille of Eve J Alfille Gallery and Studio talks about her holiday choice: earrings with removable drops. It’s a perfect holiday gift that is affordable and stunning. Choose a great pair of earrings, and removable drops of various shapes, sizes and colors to wear to work, out to lunch with friends or on a date with your partners. Start with an Eve original earring and choose from pearls, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and more! What’s even more fun is to put more than one removable drop on at a time for a dramatic effect.

Watch Eve as she shows us how to use great removable drops with her earrings.

It’ll only take 2 minutes. Watch it now.  Then visit the website for holiday shopping.

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Eve J. Alfille Discusses Pearls from the 18th Century to Current at the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers

Evanston, Illinois based Eve J Alfille, founder of Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio and The Pearl Society presents, “Nobody Knows the Pearls I’ve Seen”.


Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio and The Pearl Society announced today that the company’s founder, Eve J. Alfille, will be a featured speaker at the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers on

Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Necklace on 14k white gold
Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Necklace on 14k white gold

Saturday, August 13, 2011.


The hands-on workshop provides valuable information to appraisers who are called upon to handle estate matters and identify pearls. “Since founding the Pearl Society, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and recognize a wide variety of pearls including the most difficult subjects, natural pearls,” said Eve J. Alfille owner of Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio, and founder of the Pearl Society. “It is critical for appraisers to know the characteristics of identifying pearls from the 18th century to current in order to properly provide an appraisal.”


Eve J. Alfille will be focusing on a wide variety of pearls including natural pearls, cultured pearls, faux pearls and simulated pearls to name a few. The workshop will also discuss pearl origins, colors and pearl innovations from new areas such as China and Viet Nam.

In April of this year, Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio unveiled their new gold alloy, Blush Gold.  Adding to her other gold alloy creation, Blonde Gold, Blush Gold was developed for her new Series, ‘First Light’.  “When I developed my first alloy 10 years ago, 14k Blonde Gold, it was perfect with more of the ‘off’ colors  or faint shades of gray and yellow. Diamonds, sapphires and other gems take on a very different appearance when set in either the shiny or brushed blonde gold.”

View the collection of pearls and new gold alloys at or visit her Evanston based gallery at 623 Grove St in Evanston, Illinois.

Eve's Insight

Blush Gold, a New Gold Alloy Invented and Crafted by Evanston based Fine Jewelry Designer, Eve J Alfille

Adding to the various colored gold alloy’s in Eve’s collection, Blush Gold brings a new look and dimension to precious gems and

Blush Gold, the New Alloy
Blush Gold, the New Alloy

jewelry designs.

and Internet retailer Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio unveiled today their new gold alloy, Blush Gold.  Adding to her other alloy gold creation, Blonde Gold, Blush Gold was developed for her new jewelry Series to be released April 30th, ‘First Light’.

Alfille, known for her worldwide expertise in pearls, began working with noble metals as a way to tell her story. Many years ago when Eve Alfille came to live and work in the United States, she found that Americans used only 14k yellow gold. Some foreign designers such as Eve, were already working in 18k gold which has a deeper yellow tone. “I then became interested in the properties of green gold which is almost a lime green and yellow color,” said the French born artist. “Manufacturers in America were using 18k green gold, but didn’t state its true color.” Later, white gold and platinum became more widely used.

However, for Alfille, the white, yellow and platinum noble metals were too harsh for her jewelry Series. “I am interested in the subtleties of color,” said Eve J Alfille. “When I developed my first alloy 10 years ago, 14k Blonde Gold, it was perfect with more of the ‘off’ colors  or faint shades of gray and yellow and the chocolate tones of Champagne diamonds. Diamonds, sapphires and other gems take on a very different appearance when set in either the shiny or brushed blonde gold.”

Although there are various alloys created in the marketplace, such as blue gold, and purple gold, these alloys have proven to be unstable and can only be used where stress is at a minimum. Alfille’s blonde gold and now the blush gold can be used in various jewelry settings such as rings, necklaces and bracelets where stress on the metal can be much greater.

Prior to creating fine jewelry, Eve J. Alfille was a metal sculptor and archeologist where she honed her artistry and knowledge of history. “When  I worked in large sculpture, I was interested in the types of metal that would change color over time,” said Eve Alfille. “I worked with steel that would naturally show decay and change the appearance and bring new life to the art.”  Alfille’s new creation, blush gold, not only does not alter with time, but complements nearly every skin tone.

About Eve J. Alfille Gallery & Studio

French-born, artist, archeologist and gem expert, Eve J. Alfille opened her Evanston, IL-based gallery and studio in 1987. The Eve J. Alfille Gallery & Studio and Internet retailer creates one-of-a-kind, art-inspired jewelry hand-crafted at the Gallery. Eve is also the founder of The Pearl Society and an officer of the International Pearl Association. Visit our website at or Eve’s blog at