Eve Discusses Using Family Jewels into a New Work of Art

Q: Sharon and one of her best friends each inherited rings with diamonds from Grandmothers and mothers.  Each would like to know the value of the diamonds and whether it’s worth resetting or not.  They are uncertain of just going anywhere and would like to know if Eve would be able to help them?

A: Certainly, we can give Sharon and her friend an idea of a “ballpark retail value” (a true valuation should come from an independent appraiser, and we can recommend a good one), and we can work with them to create a special and beautiful, new pendant, ring or perhaps earrings, for them or their family members using their family heirloom diamonds. This is a very special way to be remembered in family history & lore. They will be creating a wonderful story to pass down to their children & their children’s children along with their fabulous Eve piece!Eve Consults on a New Creation

Imagine the thrill, if some day — many years from now — your Great-Granddaughter received a special treasure made by artist Eve J. Alfillé, which was commissioned by you using family gemstones. She will cradle it gently in her hand and feel close to her ancestral roots, sharing this treasure’s beauty across generations, and you will be remembered.

Interestingly, a diamond’s value is different depending on whether it is for:

1) Resale purposes. Here the value is always less, because a diamond dealer will not pay more to buy it from you than they pay to buy many diamonds at once from diamond cutters & miners.


2) Personal Insurance purposes. Here it needs to be at the full retail value. And for a formal value, in both cases, it should come in a formal valuation from a certified independent jewelry appraiser, which means an expert who is not involved in the manufacture, purchase or sale of jewelry.

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