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Opening Party and Narrative for Eve’s newest series “Alone Together”

“A fourth-floor walkup on a quiet street in Paris. A child is playing with blocks on the floor while a radio is playing. She is Aimee, (ay-may), later called Violette, a small, quiet, brown-haired child with wide eyes.

Sound: a man is ranting, screaming at a high pitch. A crowd roars, again and again, in successive waves. The windows rattle. Somebody swiftly crosses the floor, switches off the sound. It is 1940.”

– Act 1 in Eve Alfillé’s eleven-part narrative, “Alone Together”

jewelry from Alone Together, Eve's new series

We cordially invite you to the opening reception of “Alone Together” at the Eve J. Alfillé Studio & Gallery celebrating a new series of stunning jewelry by Eve. The collection will feature items inspired by the life and times of Aimee, the fictional heroine of Eve’s stunning eleven-part narrative.

Our celebration will feature musical stylings by classical guitarist Sean McMahon, as well as hors d’oeuvres, potent potables and sweet treats.

Please join us on Saturday, May 3, from Noon – 6pm
at the Eve J. Alfillé Studio & Gallery
623 Grove Street, Evanston, IL 60201

Everybody is invited! Please RSVP to 847-869-7920 or

Custom Design, Eve's Insight

Custom Made Wishes, Gifts and Treasures

klmt ye dmd nkl close upThe holidays are coming and November is a great time to talk with Eve about your custom made wishes, treasures and gifts.

Our work is hand made, one at a time, by Eve and her talented staff of assistants & metal smiths.

Together, we can build a beautiful, artistic work of wearable art that you can pass down through the generations. (Most of our treasures have room to be inscribed with a personal message).

Call (847) 869-7920 and schedule your meeting with Eve to discuss a custom treasure of your own.

Custom Design

Rings of Great Significance

Eve has been quite busy designing beautiful engagement rings for couples all year long, and we thought you might find the following info-graphic on engagement ring history, interesting and fun.  Might I add, that not all of her projects were for young couples.

Eve has designed several rings for couples who are seeking more unusual and custom rings, making Eve an obvious go-to choice.   Another trend, which continues this year is the use of non-traditional gems for engagement and wedding rings.  Just like Princess Diana and Duchess Kate’s, sapphires are another popular choice and, not all are of the blue variety.  But sapphires are not the only distinction.  Once you see Eve’s gem room and begin exploring, you will be amazed at all the gemstone alternatives.  Just be sure to select a hard gem, that can stand up to daily wear and tear.

“Refresh Your Wedding Rings!” says the husband of one woman who is redesigning her wedding ring with Eve this season.   After 50+ years of marriage she opted for an updated, sleek and modern Eve Alfillé design which Eve is currently working on.  The gallery this year has seen a surprising number of women doing just that!

At the gallery, we refer to these projects as transformations and are not limited to wedding jewelry.  Eve has undertaken transformations throughout her entire career and every transformation is a fascinating process.  The best part happens when the redesigned ring or heirloom piece is complete and clients look upon their new creation for the first time.  The look of sheer joy as she sees her redesigned ring in its new form. “I have to caution them to be careful while driving, and not let their newly refreshed rings distract,” Eve says.


Custom Design, Eve's Insight

While you were sleeping . . . .Eve was designing.

Did you know that artist Eve Alfillé designs every single one of the beautiful & varied gemstone bead necklaces in her Evanston Gallery?

necklace-treeIn addition to designing all the jewelry in her display cases, Eve designs every one of the many necklaces hanging on the wrought iron tree displays in the front of her artistic gallery space.  Its true, each necklace is from Eve’s fertile imagination using a wide array of gemstones and pearls held in her studio and gem room.

A consummate night owl, Alfillé also designs her jewelry treasures into the wee hours of the morning.  “At a certain point, somewhere around 1 or 2am, I reach a sort of “creative high” which results in very interesting blends of color and form.  These are especially intricate combinations, with exciting sterling silver accents and different pretty clasps.

While all together the quantity of necklaces she has could appear overwhelming, if you take a moment to look closely at just a few of the many unique necklaces she has created you will find many wonderful combinations of materials and visual surprises that you will enjoy for years to come.

The next time you need a jewelry pick me up, or a wonderful, one of a kind gift, spend some time exploring Eve’s ever-changing collection of interesting and beautiful necklaces.  “I especially enjoy designing these necklaces and bracelets for women who appreciate ‘unusual,’ and are not afraid of their feminine power,” Eve explains.

Here is a close up look at one of Eve’s many gemstone bead necklaces.

Running Rapids II beaded necklace necklace
Citrine, Flourite, Rose Quartz, Iolite and others with a 14k gold clasp.

Running Rapids II” necklace (left) from Eve’s “Les Petits Fruits” series features a pastel rainbow of different types of gems, including fluorite, citrine, rose quartz and iolite and others, with a 14 karat gold clasp.

Each necklace is unique – however, the mood and look of each necklace Eve creates will be harmonious and use a beautiful combination of faceted, smooth and carved gemstones.

Custom Design, Eve's Insight

Romancing the Stone (in May)

Green with Envy Emerald Necklace by Eve J Alfille
Graduated emerald necklace adorned with Eve’s 18 karat green gold “Antiquities” series hook clasp

Some of you may become green with envy as we introduce the birthstone for May: Emerald.  For a closer look at both finished Emerald, stop by the gallery and ask to see some Emeralds.

Emerald is a variety of Beryl, which gets its green color from the presence of trace amounts of the metal elements chromium & sometimes vanadium. As these two elements do not play particularly well together, they can cause minute stresses, creating the typical inclusions seen in most emeralds. The French give these a pretty name: Jardin (garden).

Most emerald are mined in Colombia and Brazil, although a newer source of fine, relatively clear Emerald has been discovered in Zambia, Africa.  Emerald in various concentrations have been found in places all over the world including the U.S., but ironically have not been located in Ireland which fancies itself “the Emerald Isle,” for its lush green countryside.

More than 2,000 years ago, Egyptian queen Cleopatra had a passion for emeralds and wore them in her jewelry, and they have been in demand ever since.

Liz Taylor's Emerald & Diamond Necklace
Liz Taylor’s Emerald & Diamond Necklace

Speaking of Cleopatra, one famous actress who portrayed Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor, is quoted as saying, “Oh my god!! I’ve got to have the emeralds!” And so she did… check these out! Not understated, but very WOW!!

In 330 BC Egyptians began mining emeralds, and buried their mummies with emeralds around their necks to symbolize eternal youth.

During the sixteenth century Spanish Explorers discovered emeralds in South America and introduced them throughout Europe. It was said the Spanish conquistadors discovered and overtook the emerald mines in present-day Colombia. But it took them fifty years to finally overpower the Muzo Indians who occupied the area and refused to reveal the sources of their mines to the greedy Spanish, even under torture!

Legends claimed that emeralds had power to cure diseases such as cholera and malaria and to make the wearer quick-witted and intelligent.

Emerald found in its natural state
Emerald mined in its natural state, originating from a mine in Muzo Columbia.

Emeralds are less dense than diamonds. This means that a one-carat emerald is larger than a one

-carat diamond.

About emeralds, Roman historian Pliny said, “No stone has a color that is more delightful to the eye, for, whereas the sight fixes itself with avidity upon the green grass and the foliage of the trees, we have all the more pleasure in looking upon the emerald, there being no gem in existence more intense than this.” Following Pliny’s advice, the Roman Emperor, Nero, watched gladiator fights through emerald-encrusted sunglasses.