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Of Opals and Ostriches

Like recognizing an old friend on the street, Eve Alfillé recognized a familiar face when flipping through the Life & Style section of the Chicago Tribune just recently. A profile on “Remarkable Woman” Kathryn Gamble featured an impressive photograph of the current head vet of the Lincoln Park Zoo, with her arms around one of her animal charges. Gamble was also sporting–you guessed it–a ‘remarkable’ Eve ring!
The marquise-cut opal, set within an impressive halo of diamonds, was a pleasant surprise to Eve when she exclaimed;
“…just to think that this ring I made has been inside giraffes and tigers!
Throughout the article, William Hageman of the Chicago Tribune asks a wide variety of questions to get a feel for what it’s like to be the head veterinarian of such a busy zoo…according to Gamble,
“we know who is friends with whom, who is pregnant. Sixty or seventy percent of what we do is preventative medicine. Zoo bunnies to primates, we make sure everyone gets their vaccines.”
And despite the wide array of her patients, Gamble is as confident in her choice now as she was when she first discovered her love of animals.
“People would walk in (to the family home) and find a box of kittens. Or the time my father found five baby opossums in the shower…I got to do a lot of things. Spiders, snakes. I don’t know if my parents knew what to do with me. But I knew what to do with me.”
To read the whole interview (and catch more glimpses of her eye-catching adornment) click over to the full Tribune article!