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So You’re a December Baby

For those of you born in December, under the ruling planets of Jupiter and Saturn, you lucky ducks have been assigned by celestial powers-that-be not simply one, but three of your very own unique birthstones to choose from! The month of December, in fact, has more birthstones assigned to it than any other month…a definite upside to having to share your birthday month with all of the other gift-giving holidays, which each year may threaten to steal some of your birthday thunder. The three auspicious stones dedicated to you winter babies are these: Zircon, Turquoise, and Tanzanite…but how much do you know really about your birthstones? Let’s find out!


“Boulevard Raspail” zircon pendant by Eve Alfillé. Photo Credit: Matt Arden.

The oldest rock on the planet! Many think of zircon as only a suitable sometimes-substitute for diamonds, but it is not so! This stone, besides coming in a fantastic array of colors, also has been carbon-dated as the eldest of all precious stones. In fact, a deposit of zircon discovered in Australia has been carbon-dated a measly 150 million years younger than the formation of our own baby planet! That’s 4.4 billion years old…the oldest known object on this Earth. Perhaps even more impressively, a meteoric Zircon fragment was discovered in Chile which was found to be no less than 4.6 billion years old. For reference, diamonds have only been found as old as 3.3 billion years.


An ancient, sacred stone famous for its pop of bold color and pleasing texture array, Turquoise is known to range in appearance from a veiny combination of blue swirled with its rocky matrix, to a pure and summer-sky blue. Despite its strong association with the American southwest, as some of the most important Turquoise mines of today are located there, the English word for turquoise actually derives its root from an old French word for ‘Turkish,” Turkey being the province from whence the first turquoise was introduced to the western world.

The use of turquoise in important spiritual and cultural settings dates back to the earliest human cultures, including the Ancient Egyptians, who often used it to decorate their revered pharaohs; turquoise  and can even be spotted among the inlay on the burial mask of Tutankhamun! In America, turquoise is most often associated with Native American culture due to its long and revered tradition of use, but did you know that turquoise can actually be found naturally occurring as far afield as China?


Tanzanite, as its name belies, comes from only one place in the entire world: Tanzania. This pleasingly purplish-blue and violet stone has only been introduced onto the world’s stage quite recently (unlike Zircon), having only been discovered in 1967. It has consequently been hailed as the “gemstone of the twentieth century!” and continues to attract attention and demand; both for its incredibly unique origin, as well as its luxurious array of colors ranging from deep, dreamy violet-blues to light and airy lavenders.

Come in to the gallery or visit the website today to see the many beautiful, thoughtful pieces of art jewelry that artist Eve Alfillé has created using these stones and more, or even come in to view the vast collection of as-yet unset zircon, turquoise, and tanzanite stones to create your OWN unique birthstone treasure!

“La rose des vents II” tanzanite ring by Eve Alfillé. Photo Credit: Matt Arden.