Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio

The Tree of Knowledge

“Equatorial Jungle” by Henri Rousseau, 1909

This Saturday, prepare to be refreshed and sated by Eve’s celebration of “the Garden of Eden,” her latest collection of art jewelry, as the gallery dedicates an entire day to the remembrance of a time and place in which perfect peace, plenty, and oneness between all created things reigned.

Featured below is a pair of matching wedding bands which are to be released, each entitled “The Tree of Knowledge,” which offer both “his” and “hers” sizes (or “Adam” and “Eve,” as it were) to complement one other as well as any two soul mates do today. Natural shapes weave their way throughout 18 karat gold bodies, with designs which branch out into stunningly organic formations that seem to bridge the divide between the unplanned orchestra of nature, and the careful planning and cultivation of a garden.

“Tree of Knowledge” rings by Eve Alfillé. Photo Credit: Matt Arden
Alongside these two intricate golden wreaths is the soon-to-be-unveiled final addition by Eve, creating a perfect marital trifecta: her newest diamond engagement ring. To see all three together, be sure not to miss the opening party taking place on Saturday, November 15, from 1 to 7pm. Even if she wasn’t made from your rib, this may be the perfect opportunity to view and admire Eve’s latest spellbindingly-wrought series of rings, and perhaps they will become the perfect symbol of your love to the apple of your eye.