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Its Time for Jeopardy

Did you know that Eve is not the only famous Alfillé in her immediate family?

Jeopardy gameshow answer featuring Paul H. Alfille inventor of internet solitaire game Free Cell
Meet Paul Alfille at Eve J. Alfille Gallery & Studio on Sun June 23 from 3-5pm

Her first born, Paul Alfillé, invented something that most of you have heard of, and may even use on a regular basis.  In fact, Paul’s creation was the hint to a question on the game show Jeopardy a couple of years ago!

What did he invent, you ask? Why none other than the original computer game Freecell!   In fact, as you will see if you click this link to an interview with Paul about the game he invented, he wrote the program in the mid 1970’s while he was a pre-med student, well before there was an internet, on the University of Illinois Plato computer system. What precipitated this? His impatience with shuffling cards, prompting him to find a solution that would allow him to play solitaire without having to shuffle the deck manually!
Paul will be speaking Sunday June 23 from 3-5 pm about his time “Working in Antarctica” accompanied by a slideshow of the images which inspired Eve’s most recent design series release “Voyage to Antarctica.”