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Q: Are there gems that reflect the vision of a series?

Dream Series necklace "Autumn Festivities" by Eve J. Alfille
Dream Series necklace “Autumn Festivities”

Eve: It depends on my inspiration and where it takes me.  In the Passage of Time, I like the colors of the rainbow in sapphires.  Most people know of the blue sapphire, however, sapphires have an exquisite array of colors: reds and pinks, violets, yellows, and a lovely subtle green like sumptuous velvet.

In Nature, especially the Organic Series, there are stones that hold a vision of where they came from in the earth: Drusy gems, crystals, and jaspers, all stones that look as though they were found in the road!

In Dream, you’ll see pearls, moonstones and opals.  All of these stones or gems have lovely characteristics of light that travel across the surface in different ways revealing unexpected colors.  Diamonds too carry the light, and the memory of the light, whether they are sparkling white, rough, opaque or opalescent, or even, magically, a shimmering absolute black!