Eve's Insight, Frequently Asked Questions

25 Years in the ‘Industry’

Q: The jewelry industry has evolved over the past 25 years. What was your role in the industry?

Eve: As an artist back in the 1970’s, it was difficult to find materials.  I would go to the department store and buy pieces of jewelry on sale and take them apart. The commercial jewelry industry was very closed, and artists, like me, believed we were on the outside.

Over the years, jewelry artists became more of a force.  We now had outlets for our work such as galleries and art fairs.  In the 80’s, the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York presented the first development seminar for jewelry artists: it gave me the opportunity to see how many of us there were fighting to find our place in the industry.

Competitions opened up, and I was fortunate to receive prizes in some of the major ones, the Spectrum Award in 1990 and 2007, and two simultaneous Japan Pearl Competition prizes in the same year, 2005, among others.

I believe my role was important.  As an archeologist, I saw myself as an ant in a long line of ants.  But, like those before me, I wanted to leave something for the future.  I would imagine in 400 years someone digging up a piece of jewelry that I created and it would stand for something, it would be meaningful.