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Déjà Vu: 25th Anniversary Design Series

Q: As a celebration of 25 years, you’ve created a unique collection entitled “Deja Vu”.

The ‘Deja Vu’ fine jewelry collection is a reunion of themes that inspired me over the years, some rooted in nature, some in history and some tinged with surrealism.

Déjà Vu Series Moonring by Eve J Alfille
Déjà Vu Series Moon Ring

Together with my artist‐collaborator, my daughter Diane, who has been laboring beside me for the last 19 years, we winnowed down the essence of my work to bring together the most beloved of my wearable art to celebrate what is yet to come.

To commemorate some of the more than 50 original design series of the past 25 years, Deja Vu will embrace the future by revisiting favorite jewelry, but this time recreating it with innovations, materials and techniques that did not exist or were not available at the time.

Like in a roman a cle, viewers will be challenged to distinguish between past and present inspirations. Each of the Deja Vu pieces will bear a special inscription on the reverse, and they will be shown
next to earlier work of similar inspiration.