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Unused Gold Watch Becomes a Stunning Emerald Bracelet

Emerald Bracelet
Emerald bracelet converted from a wrist watch, by Eve Alfillé. Click to enlarge.

Hot off our studio workbench, Eve has just completed this amazing transformation!

She converted a charming woman’s inherited Baume & Mercier watch, which was languishing in her safety deposit box, into a stunning bracelet with a fine & rare Trapiche emerald in natural crystal form.  (Only the top has been polished flat).  This rare specimen weighs a whopping 11 3/4 carats!

Trapiche emeralds are the rarest form of emerald.  As the emerald crystal grows in its normal six-sided shape, the darker lutite is pushed to the center of the crystal and then radiates out in the six directions from the corners of the crystal with the areas between, a pretty emerald green.  These rays are the result of black carbon impurities that happen to form in the same star pattern.  It is an absolutely amazing natural process that creates an emerald crystal with a six leg “star” of the darker lutite.

A rare type of emerald known as a trapiche emerald is occasionally found in the mines of Colombia. A trapiche emerald exhibits a “star” pattern; it has ray-like spokes of dark carbon impurities that give the emerald a six-pointed radial pattern. –Wikipedia | International Gem Society

Antique Baum & Mercier wrist watch
The original piece, an antique Baum & Mercier wrist watch.

It is also rare for the “star” formation to be so dark, perfectly formed, AND completely centered within the emerald crystal.  This is a thick, raw crystal, approximately 8 millimeters in height, which is slightly wider at the bottom on two of its sides, and with an uneven bottom (nature doesn’t know we want the crystal to be perfect!) which presented a real challenge for one of our talented goldsmiths.  This bracelet looks really wonderful in person, it is hard to capture the drama of the high sides surrounding the emerald in a picture.  Eve and the lucky customer felt the textured leaf forms on the former watch band worked really well with this wild & rare emerald!

Perhaps you also have jewelry or gems sitting around, unloved, in your jewelry box or vault that Eve could transform into a new treasure too?