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Drop in for Eve’s Removable Drop Party!

Saturday, July 21 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
RSVP Online below or call (847) 869-7920  – Get Directions | What are Removable Drops?

Artist & Designer Eve Alfille will showcase a special collection of removable drops for this event. During the party you will be able to customize your own drops using a selection of Eve’s precious gems and  3 different removable drop styles to dress up your Eve earrings and earwires.

Nothing can change a pair of earrings more dramatically, or easily, than a pair of Eve’s removable drops. See the pretty gold and diamond “Arabella” earrings? Notice how they take on a completely different appearance when a pair of removable drops are added! With so many drops to choose from, you can easily create a different look for any occasion or mood! Use drops to better coordinate your earrings and your outfits. Some of Eve’s drops are ready to be worn with your own diamond stud earrings – imagine the possibilities… Your girlfriends will flip!

“Legos for Ladies…Fun, Fun, Fun!”
One of our customers refers to Eve’s removable drops as “Legos for Ladies” Here is what she says about her collection: “I am having a wonderful time mixing and matching the “lego” pieces and enjoying both the earrings I already had and my new, beautiful drops!”

Special Treat for Partygoers!
One time only: Bring in a pair of your own gold or silver earrings and we will put Eve’s special hooks onto one pair of suitable earrings for free with the purchase of a pair of drops. 1 pair of free hooks per person with new removable drop purchase. The special hooks will not work with costume jewelry or other non-precious metals.

Notes: some earring designs do not allow for the addition of drops, so perhaps you can bring in a couple of pairs from which to choose. Also, stud earrings do not need special hooks, removable drops with a few links or a little chain at the top will work well with your stud earrings – like on diamond stud earrings.

Drop in and have fun!!

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  1. What a fun way to spend a hour or two next Saturday afternoon. I am going to get a couple girlfriends to come with me to enjoy a glass of wine while Eve helps me create a new look for the ear rings I already own. Anyone that comes will leave a dropaholic, just like me!

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