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Jewelry News: Eve J Alfille to Launch New Series “Dancing Under the Stars” on November 19, 2011

Dancing under the stars..

by Eve J. Alfille

Lyonel Feininger's Carnival
Lyonel Feininger's Carnival


This is one of my dream world series: unlike Winter, or the earlier Lunar Garden, in which I recollected and translated images from nature, here the direct experience is mediated through an encounter I had with a  striking painting, Carnival, by Lionel Feininger, and later, by two other artistic discoveries that deeply  affected me, and which I will relate.

Remember that when Carnival was created, 1908, artists in every medium were entering a fascination with the dream world and its interpretation, which I have always shared.

Have you ever come across a combination of objects, or shapes, or colors, and immediately felt: ” This speaks to me like nothing else”, or ” I have seen this before, but in another dimension, in another world”..?

It comes at you from the side, like a collision,  imprints in your mind,  and becomes part of a secret tune that plays forever there.. (Surrealist artists like Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali  too, delight us with their incongruous objects : they give us the delicious permission to recognize  the alternate realities of our  nightly dreams).

Ever since I first saw Carnival years ago, I have felt inside the scene, one of the magic creatures ambling the slanted streets. Or maybe the scene is in me.  These are exactly the colors, the shapes I take in my dreams, and the traceries on the pavement and the walls still resound inside me. I actually don’t need much sleep, but when I do, I can’t wait to enter the paradise of my dream world.

The creatures in the painting are strong but delicate, the colors astounding but beautiful; seen through the lens of  magic realism, they are entirely possible, yet can surely not be grasped, they have no bones..  This is who I wish to be, there but not there, to be seen  and followed as I dance under the stars and give joy, but please do not pull me away, do not  yank me back to a mean reality.

Over the years, the actual Carnival and the painting coalesced, and I tried to understand the reason for my obsession. Why had I never spoken of it to anyone?

But I knew.  I could never speak of it because my joy in the colors, the shapes, complex patterns, even the dance gave me guilt. Such simple delight could not be permitted, I grew up thinking- one would have to pay for it.


1 thought on “Jewelry News: Eve J Alfille to Launch New Series “Dancing Under the Stars” on November 19, 2011”

  1. Merveilleuse , chère Eve. Peut être vous partagez avec Chagall quand vous dormez !
    Je connais bien ceci que vous avez décrit
    Aussi moi sent même chose. Moi, je dors trop. Je ne veux pas , mais c’arrive !
    Pour moi, souvent un chien appaira et je connais que ce chien n’est pas arrive par hasard !!
    Je vais essayez forte a venir l’apres
    midi pour la vernissage. Le soir est la fête pour la fille et son fiance de mes amis
    Je vais amener le collier de perles et une boucle d’oreil. Au funèbre d’un mal ex amant, elle a tombe a la neige. Je cherchais mais… Allée. Peut être une autre ?
    Con même , je serais si heureuse de vous revoir. J’espère que votre famille vont bien
    A bientôt ! Merle

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