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Welcome Chicago Magazine Visitors

We certainly hope you will join us on Saturday, April 30 for the celebration of Eve’s jewelry series ‘First Light’. Scroll down to watch a video of Eve J Alfille as she discusses her vision and inspiration for the new jewelry series. It’s always fascinating to get inside a designers mind to learn how jewelry concepts get created.

Be sure to stop back next week to learn more details about Eve’s new creation: Blush Gold.

Mother’s Day is Coming – May 8

“Wives tales oft retold”  Red Tourmaline slices and Diamonds $1,590
“New Growth I”  Mandarin Garnet and Diamonds $1,030

“Fairy Pearls and Tiny Silver Amulet” Freshwater Pearls cultured in the Yang Tse River $42
“Twin Rolling Wavers”  Sterling Silver and 14k Gold $440

“Swan” pendant  Sterling Silver and Cultured Pearls $245
“Dancing Nymphs” Freshwater Pearls and 14k Gold $390