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Transform Old Jewelry Into Something New

A caterpillar shows hints of what’s to come. The colors are tightly woven waiting for the right time. When that time comes, the patterns, the symmetry are perfect. It’s time to celebrate the hidden beauty of old jewelry by transforming it into something new! Bring in your loose gems and unloved jewelry to Eve’s for:

“Jewelry Make Over Days”!

March 10-11-12

Eve will meet with you one-on-one getting to know you, your lifestyle and tastes and she’ll begin to sketch a one-of-kind masterpiece that only Eve can create. She will transform your old piece into a beautiful new treasure. You’ll quickly discover why Eve is the ‘gem’ of hand-crafted fine jewelry.

Transform Lose Gems into Brilliant Earrings
Transform Lose Gems into Brilliant Earrings

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