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Fall Series ‘Au fond des choses’ Releases on November 13, 2010

Discover the deeper meaning of the new Series, “Au fond des choses” in an in depth interview with the Series creator, Eve J. Alfille. You’ll get to understand her past and present and how she creates the new Series with inspirations that come from memorable experiences in her life.

Take a moment to read the full interview below.

On November 13, 2010 Eve J. Alfille will unveil her new Series, ‘Au fond des choses: a view from the forest floor’. The Series features pieces that are characteristic of Eve; however, she keeps us in suspense with rich colors and textures that accentuate a deep and layered look. We spoke with Eve to gain a deeper understanding of the new Series and discover the influences that shape each intricate piece of jewelry.

Q: Thank you for the interview. How did you begin to conceptualize the new Series?

Eve: The Series grew from reflections of my past as a child and into adulthood. If you ask a college student where will their lives be in 10 years, they will seem puzzled. Even if you ask about their lives in 5 years, their reply will be the same. That’s because at that age we are focused inwardly. It takes time for a perspective to grow and shift. I can now reflect upon the past and derive new meaning and answers to who I’ve become today.

Q: Is the new Series a reflection from a particular time in your past or is it a culmination of experiences?

Eve: It is actually both. As we grow older and make decisions, we are able to recall times in our past that influenced our thoughts. We remember the way we felt, positively or negatively.  This allows us to

View from the Forest Floor
View from the Forest Floor

identify the patterns in our lives and understand why we do what we do.

Q: How does this bring us to your life and the life of a forest?

Eve: The forest floor has accumulated many layers. It is where life, imagination and realization are born. This is what the new Series,  ‘Au fond des choses’ or ‘At the Bottom of Things’ reflects. It is our individual view and life’s layered experiences from the forest floor.

One realization that I uncovered as the Series came to life is my tendency to create piles of things. As a child I had a drawer in my room where I placed all sorts of items that interested me. I would visit my drawer often and explore the objects sitting on top and found underneath. Every so often, my mother would clean my room and she would empty out my drawer. It would be bothersome to me and I would start the process all over again.

Today, I have an area in my home where my desk resides. It is filled with everything that I think is of interest. I know what is there: I’ve explored all of those items already. But I leave them in a pile – or two – and perhaps they will have acquired a different meaning or context when they resurface. My fondness for fascinating items never went away, but now I have a deeper understanding of what this drawer or desk means to me. I believe it is important to spread your roots to capture as many experiences as possible as life is full of wonderful complexities.




Q: Many of the Series you’ve created over the years bring us to nature. Has this Series given you the chance to reflect why nature is a large influence in your designs?

Eve:  Yes. When I was 5, 6 and even 7 years old, and the outside world posed many dangers, I wandered

Leaf Pin Agate
Leaf Pin Agate

into the woods and the negativity around me would fade away. I would watch nature closely, listening to the sounds of the forest, watching how everything grew. It needed to find its place, search for air and arrange itself in an ordered but not necessarily symmetrical pattern. This became the core of who I am.

Q: How will the experiences translate to the new Series ‘Au Fond des choses’?

Eve: The Series will focus on shapes and textures as if you were sifting through the forest floor layer by layer.  Some secrets will be found… reflected in gems and colors you would not normally expect. I believe what I am accomplishing in this Series is to allow my guests and collectors to view nature, art and life differently. My designs are to capture the ‘feeling’ of my experience, not to reproduce it. Just by viewing the pieces, I hope you will get the sense of what I’m trying to say.

There are parts of the Series that are very structured and at the core of the design, there are others, organic and indirect. Now you will need to view the rest for yourself.


Digging Deep earrings

To view the Series in its entirety, you can visit the Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio on November 13 from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.