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Transform Your Old Jewelry and Gemstones

Grandmother’s wedding ring, an antique necklace, inherited bracelet, a forgotten pin, loose stones.

These are some of the wonderful jewels brought to Eve to be transformed into stunning works of art to be worn and enjoyed by you. Search through your jewelry boxes, drawers and secret hiding places and bring them to Eve next week.

Eve J Alfille
Eve J Alfille

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Call to schedule for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March 18, 19, 20th.


2 thoughts on “Transform Your Old Jewelry and Gemstones”

  1. Hi Eve,

    I had a chance to check out your website and blog. You’re creating many wonderful things.
    Very interesting indeed. I just started to blog recently – so I’m fairly new to this.
    Your comments are welcome and most appreciated.


  2. I like the idea of transforming old jewelry pieces into something rather than just taking the “Cash for Gold” route that many have taken. Something old can definitely be made into something new!

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