Eve J. Alfille Gallery and Studio

Who is Eve J. Alfille?

Eve J. Alfille started her gallery and studio of fine jewelry over twenty years ago, through the combination of experiences from childhood, work interests and everyday passions of life. A Renaissance woman, versed in many subjects, and a linguist conversant in some 13 languages, Eve is a former Certified Accountant, high-school French teacher, archeologist specializing in pottery reconstruction, mother and Sunday school teacher.

Eve’s interest in languages combined with her classical European education led her to her Masters in Linguistics & Medieval Poetry. Her passion for art, written word and artistic expression extends to include the American Studio Art Jewelry Movement and the connection between jewelry as adornment and as it relates to human need for transcendence and beauty. Eve carries her life experiences through to her custom jewelry designs blending the art of life with the individuality of each customer.

When visitors come to the gallery they are immediately embraced by the intricate details of the gallery’s interior design, which was created by multi-media artist, and best friend to Eve, Celeste Sotola. Celeste has great vision and the ability to take common objects, view them in a totally new way and repurpose them with great style and beautiful effect. You can check out the amazing works of art by Celeste Sotola on her website at www.sotolaart.com.