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The decision of choosing an Engagement and Wedding Ring….Part 2

How does it work?   The actual process of choosing an engagement or wedding ring can be broken down into stages: designing your ring, selecting your diamond and other gems,  viewing a customized wax model, trying on the unfinished casting, and  deciding on the final finish.
The first stage begins with focusing on the appropriate ring design or form that the customer desires.  When the customers come in, we will try on numerous rings to find the design that reflects their personality and lifestyle.  It helps that we maintain a large library of silver ring models from my various design series that you can try on as a starting point.
Once the design has been determined, we can then establish the particular stone that is to be set on the ring.  For design purposes, we can use  inexpensive cubic zirconium (CZ) stones to  simulate the precise way the diamond will be set on the ring  and demonstrate how the diamond and the ring design come together beautifully.  This will also give the custom an opportunity to see how the ring will look on their finger with the appropriate stone setting.  Not to mention, any alterations that the customer would like to have done can be made at this time. 
Once we have decided on the design, the setting, shape of the diamond, or other gems,  and noted all alterations or modifications, we will then proceed onto the wax viewing stage.  This is the stage where we will carve a prototype of the ring out of a block of wax.  The prototype is delicately carved to your ring size and provides an excellent visual into the finished product before it is cast into its metal form.  Due to the delicacy of the prototype, it is not recommended to try the ring on.  The wax viewing stage is in place to make sure the ring design and form is accurate before the ring is cast to metal. True, wax is not reflective like gold or [platinum, so may seem less delicate, but it gives you a good 3-D idea of the design. 
Also this is another opportunity for you to make any changes you feel necessary, such as adjusting the center stone to sit lower or modifying the side stones to sit closer together.  Also, keep in mind that we will measure your finger every time we see you to account for any variations in ring size.
The next stage after the wax viewing involves the actual casting of the ring into its metal form.  We will ask you to come in at that point for what we call the final fitting.  At this part of the process the stones have not yet been set, giving us the opportunity to make sure that the ring fits properly. You might also decide to change the finish from polished to brushed, if you prefer. We will also suggest that this would be the time to have a special inscription added to the inside of the ring.  This always makes for a special way to have a meaningful message passed on to children and grandchildren.
From this point, the ring will be set with all the stones and the finishing touches will be added.  The customer can then come in to pick up their very personal magnificent piece of art that will be a family heirloom for many generations to come.


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