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The decision of choosing an Engagement and Wedding Ring!

A couple’s engagement to be married is the culmination of the entire process of creating relationships and dating. The decision of choosing the rings that will forever signify each partner’s love for one another creates the opportunity for the partners to express their love, their identity, and to share some of their dreams. In my experience I have worked in both cases: the man coming in to select an engagement ring to surprise his bride-to-be, as well as both partners coming in and working together to find or design the rings for the engagement and wedding.

Understandably, when a man comes in alone, there is apprehension. He is uncertain of what to buy, afraid of buying the wrong ring. I understand that this is not a typical shopping adventure. So I know I need to help him focus on his fiancée’s personality, her physique, her occupation: how will she use her ring: the parameters of her life.

When you are ready to find your engagement and wedding rings, my concern is to direct you to a design that is meaningful to you, physically comfortable, within your budget, and representative of your new life. I will focus on clearing you from the mechanics of ring shopping and instead I will ask you questions about who you are, what you do, what your life is about. As an artist, I paint a picture about you and how you go about your life so that I can design the rings that will exceed your expectations.

There are many inspirations currently on the website at www.evejewelry.com. When you’re ready, give me a call or if you’re in the neighborhood, stop in.