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A Sapphire of a Different Color

September 10, 2014

A very happy birthday to you, September babies! It also promises to be a very happy anniversary for those of you reaching your 5th and 45th years in marriage, as sapphires are the traditional gifting stone of choice for these years, as well as being September’s birthstone.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 2.25.25 PM

“True Balance” by Eve J. Alfillé

Of the corundum family, these incredibly hard little gemstones come in every color under the rainbow…EXCEPT for red. Once a sapphire becomes red, it is then officially classified as another famous stone: a ruby! The difference is in the color saturation: anything too pale pink must be classified as a pink sapphire, though some rubies can be a pinkish-red. The spectrum of ruby even plunges so deep as a dark burgundy, yet anything less red than this must be denied the  title of “ruby.” This, however, leaves an entire spectrum of colors yet to span, and thusly, a great variety for sapphires to utilize!

‘Pink sapphires, you say?” Why, yes! Any non-blue sapphires, like the delicate violet and lemon hues found in this beautiful Eve ring, “True Balance,”  are known as a fancy sapphires. Fancy sapphires are just as sapphire as their “true blue” counterparts, only they introduce a whole new spectrum of colors caused by small amounts of rogue trace elements in the corundum, such as iron, titanium, and chromium.

For striking and precious qualities such as their incredible durability and color, sapphires have also earned a place right in the middle of history. These stones have been seen in pop culture as recently as the 12royal-engagement-ring-kate-middleton-princess-diana karat sapphire gracing the finger of the new Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton. The same ring also previously graced the royal finger of Princess Diana.

To learn more about sapphires, stay tuned! We here at the Eve Alfillé Gallery & Studio intend to celebrate this special stone all throughout the month of September in several enlightening installments.

A Nouveau Neckline

August 8, 2014
Fashion runways in India have recently seen the advent of a new trend in jewelry…or rather, a clever spin on some jewelry items that you already own.
headaccesory5 An entire line of models showed off multiple versions of this burgeoning trend in New Delhi when they graced the stage with pearls and jewels draped across their hair like diadems. Rather than bedazzled hairbands, these were each cleverly-employed necklaces: a classic beauty standard that is now getting a breath of fresh air as a new and multifunctioning hair accessory.
TJennifer_Lawrence-1024x721his innovative implementation of necklaces is a trend that has also been spotted recently in the western hemisphere on several stars, such as Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lawrence (whose taste in jewelry has already sparked our interest.) Rather than draping it across the top of her head like a circlet, however, Lawrence chose to carefully weave a glittering necklace into her low updo for some added texture and panache. 
DIY: This look could be easily replicated at home by weaving your necklace into a loose braid from top to bottom, and then coiling and pinning the braid up at the nape of your neck.
Another Hollywood actress to sport this look is fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker, who chose to wear her necklace off to one side like a beautifully-draped pin or brooch.
 DIY: To recreate this look, simply bobby-pin your necklace into place in any kind of updo, ensuring that the clasped ends are tucked into your hair. Feel free to place your necklace in front, off to the side like Parker, or even in the back. 
Those of you with shorter hair need not despair! For a circlet or hairband-like appearance, simply wrap the necklace around your head once (or twice for longer strands), and bobby pin it into place to create a look just as delicate, bold, casual, or elegant as the pieces of jewelry that you select. Enjoy!

Claude Picasso’s Portrait

July 11, 2014

Silver Satyr Pendant

A tale has recently unfolded at the Skinner Inc. Auction that bears all the hallmarks of a great story: mystery, romance, and betrayal. Three virtually unknown pieces of jewelry, created by Pablo Picasso in a private collection meant only for his family’s eyes, have been brought to the public for the first time by supermodel and actress, Carole Mallory.

Carole received these pieces from the Picasso family while engaged to Claude Picasso, Pablo’s son. They were gifted to Carole during their engagement by Françoise Gilot, Claude’s mother, before their betrothal was broken off by Claude after four years.

Gilot was famously Picasso’s lover and muse for nearly ten years, meeting when she was just 21 and he 61. Together they had both Claude and his sister, Paloma. Gilot decided to divorce her then-husband in order to marry Picasso, thusly legitimating their children, but little did she know that by then he had already married another woman in secret. Despite a tumultuous romantic life, she was a hugely successful and illustrious artist, art critic, professor, and a costume and set designer for the Guggenheim of New York. She later married Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine.

The jewelry items themselves were created by Picasso as a part of a small series of one-of-a-kind pieces that were then cast into silver and gold by his dentist. The first piece, a silver satyr, represents a very popular design motif often seen in his work. Also included is a brooch with an etched profile of his son Claude while still a boy. A third disc pendant includes a design of the sun. According to Eve, there is no doubt that these are pieces of Picasso’s work: “There is a playfulness and an elemental quality that only such a master could summon,” she states.

Modestly estimated to sell between 15,000 to 20,000 each, these pieces raised a predictably large buzz among art enthusiasts and collectors alike, hiking the final bids up to a total sale of $386,250. Both Carole and representatives of Skinner reported being pleased that all three pieces have remained together with a single buyer.

Claude Picasso's PortraitSilver Sun Pendant



Geneva Auction Showdown

May 16, 2014
In less than 24 hours, Christie’s jewel auction upstaged Sotheby’s by breaking the record that had been set just the evening before. On Tuesday, Sotheby’s netted a paltry total of $141.5 million dollars in sales, only to be succeeded on Wednesday by Christie’s total auction income of $154.2 million.
Among the sales of note, including a belle epoque diamond brooch by Cartier that sold for almost $18 million and a pear-shaped D-color flawless 75.97 carat-diamond that sold for about $15 million, “The Blue” was the real show-stopper. As the world’s largest flawless vivid blue diamond, what was known as “The Blue” is now “The Winston Blue.” The diamond was purchased by Swatch Group’s Harry Winston brand for $23.8 million, and measures 13.22 carats. It sold at a record $2 million dollars per carat for a blue diamond. Beatrice Howald, spokeswoman for Swatch Group, said “Stones of this caliber and rarity perfectly fit Mr. Winston’s legacy as the King of Diamonds.”
Only one in every 10,000 diamonds formed is naturally colored. Like “The Winston Blue,”  the color in fancy diamonds has been produced by elemental traces within the carbon, specifically boron in blue diamonds, during formation. The most famous of these is without doubt the “Hope Diamond,” the supposedly cursed deep blue diamond of 45.52 carats, which now resides at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Opening Party and Narrative for Eve’s newest series “Alone Together”

April 18, 2014

“A fourth-floor walkup on a quiet street in Paris. A child is playing with blocks on the floor while a radio is playing. She is Aimee, (ay-may), later called Violette, a small, quiet, brown-haired child with wide eyes.

Sound: a man is ranting, screaming at a high pitch. A crowd roars, again and again, in successive waves. The windows rattle. Somebody swiftly crosses the floor, switches off the sound. It is 1940.”

- Act 1 in Eve Alfillé’s eleven-part narrative, “Alone Together”

jewelry from Alone Together, Eve's new series

We cordially invite you to the opening reception of “Alone Together” at the Eve J. Alfillé Studio & Gallery celebrating a new series of stunning jewelry by Eve. The collection will feature items inspired by the life and times of Aimee, the fictional heroine of Eve’s stunning eleven-part narrative.

Our celebration will feature musical stylings by classical guitarist Sean McMahon, as well as hors d’oeuvres, potent potables and sweet treats.

Please join us on Saturday, May 3, from Noon – 6pm
at the Eve J. Alfillé Studio & Gallery
623 Grove Street, Evanston, IL 60201

Everybody is invited! Please RSVP to 847-869-7920 or


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