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Opening Party and Narrative for Eve’s newest series “Alone Together”

April 18, 2014

“A fourth-floor walkup on a quiet street in Paris. A child is playing with blocks on the floor while a radio is playing. She is Aimee, (ay-may), later called Violette, a small, quiet, brown-haired child with wide eyes.

Sound: a man is ranting, screaming at a high pitch. A crowd roars, again and again, in successive waves. The windows rattle. Somebody swiftly crosses the floor, switches off the sound. It is 1940.”

- Act 1 in Eve Alfilleé’s eleven-part narrative, “Alone Together”

jewelry from Alone Together, Eve's new series

We cordially invite you to the opening reception of “Alone Together” at the Eve J. Alfillé Studio & Gallery celebrating a new series of stunning jewelry by Eve. The collection will feature items inspired by the life and times of Aimee, the fictional heroine of Eve’s stunning eleven-part narrative.

Our celebration will feature musical stylings by classical guitarist Sean McMahon, as well as hors d’oeuvres, potent potables and sweet treats.

Please join us on Saturday, May 3, from Noon – 6pm
at the Eve J. Alfillé Studio & Gallery
623 Grove Street, Evanston, IL 60201

Everybody is invited! Please RSVP to 847-869-7920 or

Hollywood Glamour Returns

March 4, 2014

US-OSCARS-ARRIVALSDid you see all the glam jewelry on the red carpet Sunday night?  Most of the stars turned out in really glamorous and gorgeous gowns and tuxedos. Hollywood Glamor Returns!

My favorite look was Jennifer Lawrence in a platinum, diamond and “backlace” with a lovely strapless red gown.  She looked flawless even after stumbling on the red carpet for the second Oscar Slip in a row.  The necklace with carved rock crystal and 100 carats of diamonds valued at $2 million, stud earrings in platinum with 10 carats in diamonds, and a ring set in platinum with fancy-color diamonds valued at $1 million.

Pearl Society Meeting – “The Dragon’s Other Quest: Pearls and the Magic & Power of Jade”

February 14, 2014

Thursday, March 6, from 6pm to 8pm at the Eve J. Alfillé Gallery & Studio, 623 Grove St., Evanston

The Pearl Society salutes the Chinese Year of the Horse at its upcoming March 6th meeting, Thursday evening from 6 to 8 pm. The Chinese Dragon is depicted in pursuit of both pearls and jade, stepping stones to eternal life and wealth. At this March meeting our guest speaker, Scottie Perry, will discuss the many aspects of Jade. According to artist & Pearl Society founder, Eve Alfillé, Ms. Perry’s many years living in Asia have made her highly cognizant of jade’s major role in these cultures. Scottie served as docent in Asian museums, and has traveled extensively and amassed knowledge that is not otherwise familiar to westerners. This lively session is interactive, fun & not to be missed!

Please join us for this unusual presentation and become familiar with Jade’s multiple aspects. Be sure to bring your Jade jewelry for perusal & discussion.

Please reserve now! 847-869-7920 or e-mail Eve at
Refreshments will be served

Enter to Win 3 raffles at Eve’s Holiday Party

December 4, 2013

Enter our raffle to win this absolutely fabulous $2,420.00 black diamond and ruby necklace

Anyone 18 and older who attends Eve’s 2013 Holiday Party will be eligible to win one of two jewelry pieces – one, a piece of original Eve Alfillé jewelry, the other an art glass piece hand-designed by Eve’s daughter Diane Alfillé.

In addition, attendees can enter to win a pair of tickets to The Sound Of Music which will playing at the Lyric Opera House April 25 – May 14, 2013 by guessing correctly, or closest to, the number of pearls set in a glass jar.  The free tickets are being offered by our event’s promotional partner Make It Better Magazine, who will also donate $5 for every new newsletter sign-up they receive to our event specific page on their website.  Link soon to follow.

Enter to win a pair of tickets, courtesy of Make It Better magazine.

Enter to win a pair of tickets, courtesy of Make It Better magazine.

We look forward to seeing everyone to celebrate the end of our 25th anniversary year, and the spectacular holiday season to come.  RSVP online today!

Don’t EVEN Go There

November 27, 2013

Ok, how far would you go to “bedazzle” your body?

I am a big jewelry girl and I truly enjoy wearing beautiful art jewelry every day.

However, I do think there are limits to what looks good, and will continue to give one enjoyment and pleasure for years to come.  There are 2 recent trends that I truly believe may not have been fully thought out.

Every one sees this a bit differently.  What is your take on this trend?

Every one sees this a bit differently. What is your take on this trend?

The first, and definitely the more reasonable of the 2 “Jewelry” trends this post will touch on is that of “wedding ring” tattoos.  This seems to be the logical next step for those who are determined to cover their bodies in ink.  And, while some who have done this expressed the desire to show their commitment in a low-cost manner, I wonder if they have given any thought to a few of my concerns.  Specifically, will that really look good when you are older (“When I’m 64″ as Paul McCartney sang) and more wrinkled?!  Aside from intense pain when the tattoo is done (the base of one’s finger is a very sensitive place!), and the risk of infection, or worse, hepatitis or other diseases that can be transmitted inadvertently through needles, there is also the question of attractiveness. Furthermore, once you do it, it is there for life. I know some say you can have it removed, but there will be more pain, residual scarring and, oh yes, pain!  Also, no one seems to talk about the way tattoos blur and fade over time.  They are inked into the layers of the skin and over time the lines seem to spread and lose crispness (and colors also blur, sometimes yielding muddy, unattractive new hues).

Not to mention the possibility of divorce, given that the current divorce rate in the U.S. is 50%.  And, what if you simply tire of the design?

Surgically Implanted Eyeball Jewelry Is the New Piercing (ABC News)

Surgically Implanted Eyeball Jewelry Is the New Piercing (ABC News).  Click for a larger view.

The second trend that has hit the news this week is the story of a woman in New York City who had a platinum heart implanted in the white of her eye. Yes, seriously! And, Fox 5 News reports that her reason for undergoing this surgical procedure was to give her something to talk about with people. I can think of so many other interesting & less invasive topics to discuss. Her eye-bling was inserted via an incision into the white of the eye and inserted between the clear conjunctiva and the white sclera as Manhattan news crews watched Dr. Emil Chynn work from the other side of his Park Avenue office’s floor to ceiling windows. And, she actually is reported to have paid $3,000. for this to be done! As they say, to each his/her own. For this woman, Lucy Luckayanko, it is a platinum-eye-heart, “It will be sort of my unique factor.” I’ll say!

“The American Academy of Ophthalmology has not identified sufficient evidence to support the safety or therapeutic value of this procedure,” Dr. Philip R. Rizzuto, M.D., an ophthalmologist and AAO’s Communications Secretary, said in a statement.  The possible risks include: infection and/or bleeding, which could result in blindness, perforation, conjunctivitis, and it is also possible for bleeding to occur beneath the conjunctiva, causing hemorrhage.  “It urges consumers to avoid placing in the eye any foreign body or material that is not proven to be medically safe or approved by the FDA.”

And, shockingly this is not the first time this has been done, such procedures have already been done in L.A. and Europe as well.  Call me a fuddy-duddy, but I will not be joining the ranks of those with eye jewelry permanently embedded in my eyes, or my teeth for that manner (don’t even get me started with that look!)


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